Responses to my last post of Yeo Jin-Gu were quite fevered—in a “NO NOONA CAN’T” sort of a way.

Of course, seeing these I knew I needed to post more. These are courtesy of Elle, who like Allure felt that they needed to bring out the pedo-noona in us all by getting him in a little leather jacket. And greaser hairstyle.

(That literally looks like the same jacket. I wonder if they know they overlapped and are screaming. I wonder if that first set really was from Allure? TRES CONFUSE)

And look at him trying to wrinkle his forehead like a little James Dean…he can’t even.

This young actor has made a little career for himself playing the baby versions of incredibly beautiful actors.

We are not confused as to why. I’ve only seen his acting in a fan-made music video about Warrior Baek Dong-Soo, though I have someday plans of watching Moon That Embraces the Sun…

That plan may have just been moved into the closer future, being more resigned to however many episodes it is before the appearance of Kim Soo-hyun and Jung Il-Woo.

The suit jacket and sweater are only made interesting by their presence on child-like Jin-gu, but that leather jacket fusing brown fabric and seam-detailed black leather is the perfect boy-meets-man look for someone still adorable but obviously heading toward adulthood.

Opaque  by  andbamnan