I’m not sure why this works for me.
Doubt I’m the only one, but I tend to have a mini-list of biases within groups, and while Junsu’s personality kills this noona, Chansung is my purely visual favorite.
I also love the dusty but high-contrast aesthetic and the mere presence of the red eyeshadow makes him like a doll or Kabuki actor. But in a black dress shirt.
Why is black so awesome all the time? I do not know.


Lotte Jacobi: Albert Einstein, 1938

Wow. Why do all the picture of Einstein hide how he was a total silver fox?
…maybe it’s a weakness for pipes speaking here.
This is a post in honor of my sister—as she’s a fan of epaulets. Which are a way to elevate any shirt to a Suit Distraction. Badges likewise…
Of course, rolling back the sleeves will get you into my good books pretty quick, too.
Home-run goes to smirkalicious Wooyoung!
I seem to be won over to looks I don’t love by good enough photography—I don’t like that kind of open-square pattern in a shirt (the jacket seems lovely enough from its collar) but the grit on the face makes it look like a real vintage photograph, and the clothes aren’t anachronistic…
Love the old-time-y scene here, vintage classics like collared shirts and camper trailers taking us a step back even while the participants are up-and-coming stars. There’s nothing jarring, except maybe the level of distressing on the jeans.
What great informal smiles, too.
Opaque  by  andbamnan