I’ve been watching K-Pop: The Ultimate Audition. Yoohwan both exceeded my expectations (I’ll say playing a brat in excellent clothes is maybe the best use of a newbie actor with a cute face, almost determined to win at life) and got me pretty invested in watching the rest of the show.
I am loving this shot, which is a better-lit look at this fantastic denim shirt than any of the actual scenes I’ve seen so far.
I love how they still wear those non-ironically.
Yoohwan has one advantage over his brother—he’s got a younger face, so he can pull off the opposite image.
Which now makes me want to see an angel/devil set up with these two, though I think I can just keep on dreaming…
Sometimes the beauty of a suit is in its way of framing a face.

At first I was a little “eh” about Yoohwan. I mean, yeah he looks like his brother (with a less worldly-wise vibe) and I get the whole wanting-more-of-a-good-thing fan aspect.

I’m on board for leather jackets, though. Hope he finds what he wants to do in his own right, and does it well…

Love the old-time-y scene here, vintage classics like collared shirts and camper trailers taking us a step back even while the participants are up-and-coming stars. There’s nothing jarring, except maybe the level of distressing on the jeans.
What great informal smiles, too.
Opaque  by  andbamnan