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Kim Jae Wook’s acting was spot-on in Coffee Prince, but my interest has been limited, because he has a kind of cold image. When looking him up, though, I discovered: the man takes a gorgeous photograph.

And his striking face and figure make him a favorite for some good shoots. While he looks best in kind of drapey avant-garde looks (I vote knitwear) these are some more clean looks featuring dress shirts. And a couple I had to throw in because they went so well together…

It is a rare man who doesn’t look coy in a turtleneck. Kim Jae Wook is that man.

Collars. That would be a yesssss.

Just gorgeous. Oh wait, you want to hear me about the clothes?

Blue. Blue on Gong Yoo is good, and casual is likewise always a good choice. Not shorts and tees, but the business casual of a mature man.

Coffee Prince nostalgia.
LOVE THE UNIFORMS, and when Han Kyul kinda went along with it.
via LJ rainscene's recap
A good recap is worth reading at any point, and this is that…
Yoon Eun-Hye, rocking a perfectly normal suit like three kinds of punk tomboy. With nothing but her hair to help.

I <3 you, hon.

(I guess we’ll be seeing girls in suits here, now I’ve though to look for them!)
My first ajussi crush.
Here we have a pretty classic look for him, which is tees under a sport-coat. He pulled off the titanic scarves of his “Pasta” character mostly by being so low-key in other articles of clothing you could almost believe he needed them.
Also, studied abroad in Italy. Excuse for everything, right?
Gong Yoo. Is it fair that you’re so fine? No.

I would like to know what your flaws are, for justice’s sake…but then I don’t wanna hear it.
Love the vintage feel here, though the only real dating is the black-and-white.
The chemistry of these guys was phenomenal, though looking at it makes me sad…
Gong Yoo has the shoulders and sillhouette to make suits look good, but he’s actually a more sporty, preppy type. In Coffee Prince the yacht-club look of casual shoes and layered shirts and sweaters is very natural.
He’s a guy who looks better in a button-up shirt with the collar open than with a tie, who can pull off a vest, but looks a little stifled in a full suit. A fact he used to comic advantage in Finding Mr. Destiny…
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